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Why are you reading this?

Truly I'm not that interesting.

Entitlement bitches need not apply
7 January 1987
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For communities and such, see above where it says my birthday is January 7, 1987, this makes me 23 and thus over 18 kthx.

I'm 23 years old, living in Cowley, Oxford. I was raised in SmallTown, Wisconsin, and even though I'm over here in England, I'm still a smalltown girl. I'm seperated from my husband, but we're still friends.

I work at Thornton's and spend free nights hanging out with my best friend. I talk to my family online and try not to get too homesick. Mostly I just try to get by, just like everyone else.

I'm not as sweet and innocent as I look, I'm more mischevious than you'd guess at first glance. Nothing makes me happier than dancing. Nothing hurts me like betrayal. Nothing gets me angrier than someone who tries to control me.

I do my own thing. I always have and I always will. I love freely, and once you have my loyalty you have to do a lot to lose it. I don't think affection is a crime. I believe in saying what I think and loving whoever deserves it. If you're in my heart, I will move heaven and earth for you. If I suspect you're trying to use me, I'll use you right back and I'll be the one to end it first.

If you just try to get along with me, things will work out fine. Oh yeah, and HUGS ARE FREE!

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Read it, accept it. Everything is funny.

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